Inshore and Backwater Fishing:
Northeast Florida offers world class inshore fishing every month of the year.
Whether you prefer lure fishing or live bait fishing, Captain Ron can specifically tune your fishing adventure regardless of your skill level.

Here on the First Coast our "big three" species are Redfish, Flounder and Speckled Sea trout. It's not uncommon to catch dozens of these hard fighting fish each trip with a good possibility at scoring what locals label the "Inshore Grand Slam", one or more of each species in one day.

Winter months offer some of the best fishing for redfish and speckled trout.

Coastal Fishing:
Coastal, inlet and near shore fishing off Northeast Florida also provides excellent fishing opportunities depending on the time of year. An abundant variety of fish are available to target including tarpon, sharks, bull redfish, jack crevalle, cobia and Spanish and king mackerel, usually right along the beach.

Tailing Redfish in the grass has become a favorite. From August until late November stalk and sight cast to tailing redfish and sheepshead in the flooded spartina grass flats along the Intracoastal Waterway. This is a unique opportunity in Northeast Florida that occurs during extreme high tides in the late summer months. This is a popular fishery for fly fishing and lure enthusiasts. It may be the most exciting couple hours of hunting/fishing you'll ever experience in Northeast Florida.

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Thanks, Captain Ron Schurr
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