Captain Ron is a professional fishing guide living in Jacksonville Florida.
Ron has been fishing and guiding in Northeast Florida since 1985. Capt. Ron
is a native Floridian and grew up in Melbourne Florida fishing for trout,
snook and redfish in the Indian and Banana rivers. Ron quickly discovered
that backwaters of Northeast Florida presented many challenges such as tidal
fluctuations, often as much as 5 feet, miles of marshes, shallow tidal
creeks and oyster bars and changes in water temperature and salinity.
Since 1985, Capt Ron has become one of the most accomplished and skilled
inshore fishing guides in Jacksonville and St Augustine.

Northeast Florida has some of the best backwater fishing in the state. For the uninitiated, backwater fishing, or backcountry fishing, is angling in the extensive network of bays, Spartina islands and tidal creeks that permeate the region. There are thousands of miles of shoreline, countless oyster bars and acres of tidal creeks that attract an abundance of salt water fish. Those marshes nutrient-rich food factories that spawn nearly all of the commercially valuable seafood caught in East Coast waters - are the Atlantic's life-givers. The salt marshes offer excellent habitat for raccoons, river otters, manatees, dolphins, bald eagles, osprey, ibises, clapper rails, egrets, and herons. Perhaps no place is as closely linked to those coastal prairies as the coasts of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Nearly half of the East Cast's salt marshes are found here. Roaming these waters are three of the state's most sought after gamefish, the redfish, spotted seatrout, and flounder. Thousands of anglers come to northeast Florida each year for the chance at a grand slam, catching one individual of each species in one day.

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Thanks, Captain Ron Schurr
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